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Industrial Total Stations

Precision Industrial Total StationsIndustrial_Total_Station

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General Specifications: Our Leica precision Industrial Total Stations provide 3D accuracy to ±0.3mm (0.012inches), distance accuracy to 0.2mm (0.008inches) and angular resolution to 0.002mm/m (0.2mm/100m). These portable motorized measurement systems use an Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) to acquire the target automatically without having to sight it optically. Ideal for large-scale coordinate measurement, 3D alignment, machine tooling inspection and assembly tasks/projects requiring this level of accuracy. (the Laser Tracker is used for higher accuracy projects and where continuous scanning, extensive digitizing and motion monitoring is required). We also use precision industrial total stations for both horizontal and vertical alignment measurements in 3D or 2D mode (eg as/with traditional orthogonal systems).
Roll Alignment measurement system: For Roll Alignment or positioning, the Total Station is used in combination with special Roll Alignment brackets and onboard Software. This measurement system process has been automated eliminating manual reading errors.
Roll Alignment
– TDA5000/5 precision total station Roll alignment system • Roll alignment readings are made electronically to each roll near the operator (Front) and drive ends (Back) using a special measurement ‘v’ (roll) bracket held against the roll. • Based on the alignment datum above, the total station coordinates the center of a hollow corner cube prism attached to the measurement bracket. • A difference in the “Y” ordinate read operator and drive side (F-B) is the horizontal roll alignment error. • A difference in the “Z” ordinate read operator and drive side (F-B) is the vertical roll alignment error. • Readings are recorded to 0.1mm. • For this measurement system an alignment accuracy of ±0.2mm to 0.3mm is practical.