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Since 1994 our staff have been applying leading edge dimensional metrology systems in the hydro-electric industry.

Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following:

Shaft alignment: Angular offset to ±0.005mm/m. Electronic tilt sensors, Orbit measurement

Machine and component dimensioning, shape and form: ±0.005mm/m, Diameters, Cylindricity, Stator, Rotor, Runner

Concentricity: Stator, Rotor, Shafts, Runner, Seals, Bearings

Flatness: Turbine and Generator shaft faces, Sole plates

Disassembly and reassembly checks: ±0.005mm/m - Dimensional, Position, Alignment

Positioning: ±0.005mm/m

Dynamic measurement: Rotating component movement and deformation

Measurement system development for specific requirements
Our measurement systems are mobile and flexible. We are able to provide accurate and timely dimensional measurement solutions with an array of technologies including Leica Geosystems’ Laser Tracker. Along with the analysis software, Axyz, this system is state of the art 3D measurement system.
ADS is committed to providing dimensional measurement solutions to meet clients individual and special requests.