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Extrusion project

Problem Outline

An extruder had an aluminium press that had been deteriorating in production yield over time despite regular and extensive maintenance.
Conventional mechanical and optical alignment methods were unable to identify the real problems and indicate the solutions to correct the press.
The press manufacturers engineer was used to set up the new cylinder, pre-stress the press and align all the moving parts. His efforts and that of our own staff since have not produced any improvement in yield since the cylinder was fitted.
The real option was for ADS to come and measure the press as they have a portable system, have extensive experience in the extrusion industry and are the only people internationally carrying out this specialist process.
The ADS technique enabled a complete 3D picture of the press to be determined and then to identify what was misaligned and the most likely solution.


All the points and components required for the complete press inspection (static and moving press components) were measured in one session and analysed in three-dimensions as required in any combination. (without dismantling the press and under operational conditions!).
The results of our measurement and analysis for press alignment provided adjustment solutions and indicators of other remedial work to resolve the misalignment problems.
Press history and problems essentially pointed to press misalignment. The slides wearing and replacement frequency were indicative of Main ram cylinder/Main ram housing misalignment or skew which most of the conventional methods will not pick up.


  1. The optimisation analysis and corrective adjustment solutions enabled normal press production to continue despite wear or distortion and without major overhaul.

  2. The press adjustments according to these solutions have resulted in significant improvements, benefits and cost savings:

  3. Better press alignment and monitoring techniques increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of extrusion.

  4. Single day measurement of the complete press gives you the total 3D inspection model for compliance.

  5. Compare any component against specified 3D geometry.

  6. Measure and monitor under operational conditions without dismantling the press.

  7. Conventional mechanical and optical techniques are unable to identify the real problem(s) as they only give part of the overall press state.

  8. Modern technology replaces or complements traditional methods and tools for Extrusion Press Alignment.

  9. Full press alignment measurement with modern technology is faster, more accurate and reliable, providing:

    • The initial state (for condition monitoring) of the press,

    • The correct adjustment solution(s), and

    • The optimum production yield.