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3D laser trackers

3D laser Trackers are the Primary Measurement systems used by ADS

A Laser Tracker is a portable co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) for situations where the item to be measured can be touched or a reflector attached to it. The "Tracker" is leading edge technology for applications where the item to be measured is too large for a conventional co-ordinate measuring machine or is not able to be taken to a CMM.


  • Co-ordinates to ± 0.005mm/m for a seventy metre work space.
  • Capture of 1000 points per second.
  • Innovative software for filtering, orientation and display of the data.
  • Comparison of as built co-ordinates to CAD models.
  • On line display of information
  • One person operation.


API Tracker

The API Laser Tracker can be transported easily as accompanied baggage for urgent rapid deployment

Faro Tracker Si2

A portable 3D measurement system for large volume which uses laser technology and XtremeADM to effectively and accurately measure large parts, tooling and machinery. It has a 70m (230ft) diameter range and achieves 0.025mm (0.001´´) accuracy.

Leica Tracker - LTD500

Accuracy - When fully calibrated this instrument will measure three dimensional coordinates to 0.005mm/m. While tracking the three dimensional co-ordinate accuracy is 0.01mm/m.

· Speed - Up to 1000 points per second can be recorded to the target moving at no more than 6m/sec.

· Target - Reflectors all in spherical housings

Corner cube reflector in 1.5inch.
Cat eye
1/2inch tooling balls
· Determination of level - the tracker co-ordinate system can be leveled to gravity using our precision tilt sensor.
Our API, Faro or Leica instruments use very high accuracy tracking 3D laser interferometers and high precision absolute distance meters. Hand held spherical reflectors are used to measure to individual points or to scan whole surfaces. These Trackers are ideal for the rapid calibration of robots, machine tools, assembly jigs and fabricated components. Reproducibility of a co-ordinate is better than ±0.005mm/m (2σ) within a 35 metre sphere from a single instrument position. By measuring to common reference targets multiple instrument locations can be accurately related to enable large or complex items to be completely measured in a single 3D coordinate system. The high speed capabilities of the system mean that 1000 points per second can be recorded at a tracking speed of up to 4 metres per second.

Our Software used

Spatial Analyzer (SA) metrology software provides the interface and many of the functions common to CMM software including: GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing), inspection and CAD to part comparison/inspection.