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By clicking the on the links below, you will access a concise PDF explaining how ADS identifies, addresses and provides a solution.

These Services apply to all types (direct, indirect, compact, piercer, hollow mandrel), makes and age of extrusion presses including aluminium , copper, brass, steel and other non-ferrous metals. Special designs and features are readily accommodated.

ADS provides specialist Measurement Services to the Extrusion Industry that include the following:

Alignment , Inspection, Monitoring and Adjustment that are now more efficiently achieved using modern 3D Coordinate Measurement Systems technology – the Tracking Laser Interferometer.
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Smelter and remelt facilities

Potline, Furnace, and VDC installation and maintenance support

1. QA on component dimensioning and assembly fit

2. Shaft alignment, platen monitoring during billet production
Our measurement systems are mobile and flexible. We are able to provide accurate and timely dimensional measurement solutions with an array of technologies including Leica Geosystems’ Laser Tracker. Along with the analysis software, Axyz, this system is state of the art 3D measurement system.
ADS is committed to providing dimensional measurement solutions to meet clients individual and special requests.

Metal Extrusion Presses


If you have a press that seems to have alignment issues